Worthy Of Mention (Originals): ALBUMS
(by emerging artists)

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Objective Criteria for selection:

1- Mastering the musical instrument(s),
(considering the instrument for singing is the physical body).

2- Musical/harmonic details, variations,
(musical arrangements, orchestration).

3- Subtle and pertinent nuances, and innovations
(musical composition).

- - -

Artist: Shirsha.
Album Title: Liv In Luv.
Genre: World, Bollywood.
Release Date: 2011.
Record Label: SSa.
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© Copyrights: Shirsha (885767288294).

Shirsha's voice is very unique in the musical sphere nowadays, and I think that is greatly refreshing. Although all songs are presenting one of a kind singing style, precise, accurate, agile, light yet substantial, on the album the piece "Mujhko Manzur Hai" (#6) has the magic of taking your soul elsewhere...
I think Shirsha's singing is quite delightful to hear.
A precious addition to any music-lover's collection!

Soundtrack: Shirsha singing "Hallelujah" (Cover; May 2012).


Artist: Eumeria (band).
Album Title: Rebel Mind.
Genre: Heavy Rock (Progressive Metal).
Release Date: 2011.
Record Label: Rebel Tide Records.
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© Copyrights: Eumeria (885767667792).

These excellent musicians are creating awesome music, as the solid ground, on which the astounding singer towers and brings a third dimension to the musical portrait. Fervents of "Progressive Metal" genre will certainly like the rough and tight beats in several pieces, and those who are appreciative of more elaborate "Heavy Rock" genre will recognize remarkable musical arrangements in several other pieces (4-Father, 5-Tides, 7-Red Light Flies, and 9-Secret Places). As their very own style of rock music, Eumeria draws new frontiers!