- Why Did I Quit Music -

(April 2012)
Some people want to know why I did quit Music.
It's true the music itself had changed a lot,
however characteristics to real talent stays the same.
In 2007, I was working with several artists and I was in the process of accepting being Manager/Agent for an awesome rock band in Montreal. The band had won 1st place in a great contest called "Cégep En Spectacle" (Cegep in concerts), a competition held throughout all Cégeps in Québec (Canada). The band was excellent, great originals (hard rock), they were filling up Bars and Clubs full packed, everybody liked their music, they were Touring places in the City (Montreal)...

One of the content to that 1st place prize was HiFi recording hours in a reknown studio, up to $5000. Enough to come up with 4 tracks demo album. That was precisely what we needed (radio stations were asking for their 2 hits).

The kids went in studio...
2 days later I got a phone call:
They have been evicted from the hotel where they were staying because they demolished and threw furnitures out the windows. They wanted to do like Ace Frehley (Kiss) did when he was On Tour, can you believe! What they did not know is Ace's attaché was paying for everything in advance, so the hotel owner didn't care.

These kids did for more than $10 000 worth of damages in that hotel room.

They were minors (below legal age), so each their parents were sued.

They had completed the demo in a rush next day but,
it was useless now, their parents said "that's it, it's over".

Adding up to the fact that dealing with artists is not easy all the time. They are always in front, constantly before the public, cameras, media, interview mics and things of that sort, and some Fans can really act weird, you know... At times, it's not easy for them artists to cope with all that stuff.

Some Managers say they develop a temper. I say no, they just build a "shield" around them, for "self-protection", and someone needs to be there for them whenever they need it, night or day. That is a very important part of Manager's job. If not, they fall into booze and drugs...

Anyway, that "hotel room demolishing" was too much for me. I was not their Manager yet, that's why I wasn't there with them. Then, I needed to get away from all that, I felt I had done all I could during 30 years. And the last gigs opportunity came up...

So, everything ended up nicely for me,
At the bottom line!