My Musical Career - Ma Carière Musicale

The '60s in Québec (Canada) was an era of great inspiration. There were several very popular bands (Les Classels, The Hoo Lops, César et les Romains, Michel Pagliaro, Nanette Workman, etc.). My uncles were in one of those popular bands (The Myckels) and my parents were following them touring, so I was practically born on stage (1962).

I lived all my childhood with and around musicians, stages, sound technicians and set ups, concert halls, etc. Later I played with bands (Montreal) and worked in studio recording sessions for 25 years. Then, after 5 years of working as Manager (agent) for several artists in Montreal, I retired from the music business.

Now I enjoy finding and listening to great music and to exceptionally talented artists:

Looking back from today, it is sad we didn't have "portable cameras" and all that stuff back then. Good recordings (live & studio), pics and rare 8/16mm footages arn't mine (CopyRights). These here are the best of what's mine! Still, it was awesome and the music was so good (pop rock, progressive rock `70s).

I lived it all and spit it out from my soul!

Ma Carrière Musicale.

Les années '60 au Québec fut une époque inspirante. Il y avait plusieurs groupes extrêmement populaires
(Les Classels, The Hoo Lops, César et les Romains, Michel Pagliaro, Nanette Workman, etc.). Mes oncles étaient dans un de ces groupes populaires (Les Myckels) et mes parents les suivaient partout en tournée, alors je suis pratiquement né sur une scène (1962). J'ai vécu toute ma jeunesse avec et autour de musiciens, de scènes, des techniciens de son, des salles de concert, etc.

Plus tard j'ai joué avec plusieurs groupes (Montréal) et travaillé en studio durant 25 années. Ensuite, après 5 ans d'activités en tant que Agent d'Artistes (Manager) à Montréal, je me suis retiré du domaine musical.
Aujourd'hui j'ai plaisir à trouver de la vraie bonne musique et des artistes de talent:


À regarder en arrière, il est un peu triste qu'on n'ait pas eu de "caméra portables" et tout ces gadgets. Mes bons enregistrements (concerts & studio), les photo et les rares films 8/16 mm ne m'appartiennent pas (Droits d'Auteur). Les images présentées ici sont les meilleures que je possède. De toute manière, ce fut emballant et la musique était tellement bonne (pop rock, rock progressif `70).

J'ai savouré chaque secondes et j'ai offerts mon âme sur scène!

- - -

My Very Last Gigs:

While working as Artists Manager/Agent
for singers in Bars and Clubs,

I couldn't resist an offer to hit my bass again
playing with several awesome musicians,

supported by a crew of excellent sound technicians:

- Isabelle St-Clair; lead vocal,
- Stéphane Larose; guitar, backvocals,
- Éric St-Rock; drums.


In December 2004,
we held Concerts at the very popular Peel Pub
(885 Maisonneuve Est, Montréal).

The thing is, around 35 years old, people are very busy with families and stuff,
no time for "night life" anymore!

I was the only one remaining active... and the music/musicians had changed a lot...

Furthermore, Amateur Shows were beginning stealing the spot very seriously everywhere...

So, good friends and I thought let's give it one last shot!
Mick (drums), Pat (guitars, vocals), Mona (singer), and me (bass, vocals).

A friend owns a huge camping site and she was thinking about bringing bands,

that was perfect for us; we were to launch that series of "summer-time happenings".

Pre-production started in summer 2006.

The following year in June we were ready.

So we held one Live rehearsal, 2 special concerts,

and the final Live gig outside at the camping site.

For sure we had set up a camera to the right of the audience!
After the show, we realized none of us nor the crew
had thought about running switching the camera on.

Yeah, right, we were cussing the hell out, banging our head against the walls...

But, you know, none of us were used to filming ourselves,
in our time the show was there and that was that!

Youngsters can't figure how lucky they are to have all those portable cameras.

By chance, we had asked a friend to take pics, she did great and these are hers.

Thanks to Lucie!

Then I retired, sad of course, with great satisfaction though!
Nowdays I enjoy listening to exceptional music/singers.