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JnYves (JY):
Montréal, Québec (canada),
Birth; September, 1962,
(Je parle Français & Anglais),
(Bass Guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar,
keyboards, drums & percussion instruments),

I discovered Music with Michel Pagliaro,

I learned playing music on KiSS,
I learned playing guitar on Van Halen,
I learned playing bass on RUSH,
I did play my soul out for 25 years
(bands, touring, studio),

I was Artists Manager/Agent for 5 years,
Then I retired from the Music Industry.

Ears are like flowers: without "sunshine", they wither.
Comme les fleurs: sans "soleil", les oreilles se fanent.

Al Pacino, Jim Carrey, Alexandra Lamy, Valérie Karsenti.

Michel Pagliaro (Pag singing "Live" with his wife),
Kiss, Van Halen, Heart, Rush, Pink Floyd...
Vivaldi (concerto for strings), Strauss, Schubert, Barry Gray (music composer).

Asala Nasri, Ann Wilson, Anngun, Diana Krall, Jann Arden, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross,
Songs and musical pieces of Outstanding Quality and Arrangements.

Music, as opposed to "noise"!
- It is an awfull shame we find videos removed;
CopyRights is one thing, CopyDetention is something else.
- I do my best to find the Official Video and list them back on.

- Personal Background (my career).

- Communicate with me via my YouTube channel.
- Communiquez avec moi sur mon channel YouTube.
- JnYves YouTube channel

Technique is good...

However, music without feelings is like chocolate without sugar.

Music is the language of the soul.

Thanks to YouTube bringing us all together:
So many marvelous pieces we would never have heard about without it!

However, the new design interface is awful and irritating.

- Worldwide Radio Station (all languages).


- Montréal En Lumière.

- Francofolies.

- Montréal Jazz Festival.


- Evenko.

- Équipe Spectra.


From a general perspective and beyond personal taste or preferences.
(french & english)

- Quality Criteria (musician/singer).

- Objective Review Criteria (the Art of Music).

An artist is a bit like a "tree";
Quality of the "fruits" depends on what comes in through the "roots".
The wider the roots, the better the fruits!

The ART of SINGING (Cantata).

When you do not understand the meaning to the words in a song (foreign language),
the actual diction or speech (pronunciation) made up with those words
becomes sequence of notes or chords, short rhythmic phrases, melodic lines
and fragments just like guitar licks and riffs...

In this manner, listening to a song (Cantata) is just like listening to a guitar solo (Sonata). Think about Clare Torry (The Great Gig in the Sky). This is my approach for listening to vocal cords (singing). In my view, translation would spoil this perspective.

Singing is not just hitting the right notes, and being in tune.

There is a lot more to it!

The Act of Singing involves the entire being of the person actually performing,
up to a level that is really transcendent. Meaning exceeding usual limits,
extending beyond the limits of ordinary experience.

That is when the "soul" literally takes over, the person singing is not really there anymore,
"feelings" and "emotions" are pouring out, like a fountain flowing in all directions,
enveloping everybody in the audience...

Oftentimes, involuntary physical gestures are evidences of that "state of mind".

It creates such a captivating moment, a very unique experience for everyone!

> Example < (Molitva; Vanja Mijatovick, Live broadcast Zvezde Granda (2012)

Singing is the ability of getting a huge range of emotions out,
in a single note, and doing that with each and every note rendering a melody.
That is something incredibly rare in music.
Only the greatest singers can do that.

There are several extraordinary singers on the planet, and much can be learned by examining thoroughly how each one performs (as per singing technique and innovations).


There is a huge difference between "Real Natural Talent" and "being able to".
Playing at making music or at singing is nice and cute, but it can only go so far.
Telling youngsters they are "stars" just because they are comfortable using a mic
is not doing them any good. "Making believe" loses its grip as they grow up,
and then the real thing appears blunt.

When Standards of Quality are set higher,
true exceptional talent rises up,
and set the norm in return.


- Objective Reviews;
On music, bands, singers, recordings (takes), "Live" performances, and video-clips,
Presenting honest analysis, descriptions, and suggestions
as positive contributions to emerging artists.
Based on my personal experience, from a
general perspective
beyond personal taste or preferences.

- Consultant (artists manager/agent);
Suggestions on artists supervision and management >basics<.


Creation/Production of Music:

Resources For Collaboration Projects (Collabs);

- Pierre Martin (Drummer: Astrotama, outstanding Rush covers).

- NaKi (Musician, strings: stikharpe).

- MATT (Guitarist; Collabs).

- MATZ (Guitarist; Collabs).

- Yvi Wylde (Guitarist; Collabs).

- Pepe Navarro (Lead guitar; Collabs).

- ISOM DRUMMER (Drummer; Collabs).

- Elie Bertrand (Drummer; Collabs).

- Patrick Kuhn - Amadeus Records (Musician/keyboards, song writer; Collabs).

- Stéphane Mallet Productions (Sound Technician, musician, songwriter, producer; Collabs).- StephLeGratteux (Video Production, Editing; Collabs).

- Sine Motif Production (Audio post-production services (global entertainment industry).

- Shaun Barrowes (Singer, songwriter, music producer).

- Thomas Tomsen (Guitar teacher, musician player for projects, bands, and artists; Collabs).


- bigbermers (Singer; Collabs).- CaroMia (Singer, songwriter; Collabs).

- Nike Jemiyo (Singer, songwriter, pianist).

- Jessie Schembri (Singer).

- Shannon (Singer, music hall/variety style).

- SHIRSHA (Beautiful voice, very unique singer in the musical sphere nowadays).

- Livy Jeanne (Singer, song writer, country style; Touring).

- Arwa (Established professional singer; UAE, born in 1989).

- Alyazia (Established professional singer; UAE, born in 1989): > WebPage <.